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Dual purpose cosmetics for whitening & anti wrinkle effects.
Atotal anti aging cream with gently bursting nutrient rich capsules that allow the protection of damaged sensitive skin while forming elasticity and a moisture layer to keep skin firm.
Clinically tested for moisture, firmness, wrinkle improvement.
Dermatologist tested.

Contains 50% of bamboo sap instead of purified water.
Contains EGF 2-PPM which increases the strength of the skin.
Power anti aging that increases the strength between skin laters.
Clinically proven moisturizing. firming, anti wrinkle effects
Intensive anti aging EGF / KGF
Promotes skin regeneration, strengthens skin barrier
Skin energy activation b-FGF / TGF / IGT-1
Enhancing the natural power and anti wrinkle effects of the skin

How to use
At the last step of your skin care routine, apply an appropriate amount along the skin texture, then gently pat skin for maximum absorption.

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