Skin Clinic 3 Step Micro Peel Swab Whitening Kit



  • Skin Clinic 3 Step Micro Peel Swab Whitening Kit - SkincarePharm
  • Skin Clinic 3 Step Micro Peel Swab Whitening Kit - SkincarePharm

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This three-step peeling kit includes an exfoliating swab, soothing sheet mask and a brightening serum to reveal brighter, more hydrated, and smoother skin, just like after an indulgent facial but right at the comfort of your own home! You're only 3 steps away from instantly brightening and rejuvenating your skin!

Size: 2.5 ml + 21 ml + 2 ml



Deep sea water and 9% AHA ingredients allow gentle yet powerful dead skin cell removal. Cucumber, aloe extracts in soothing mask, quickly soothes and calms sensitive skin. Finally, niacinamide brightening serum restores and lights up skin.


  • Rose extract - Contains high levels of antioxidant tocopherols, phenolics, and beta carotenes to fight aging and cellular damage in the skin.
  • Pomegranate Extract - Rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants, tones, energizes, and revives skin.
  • Sea Water - Hydrates, smooths, and reduces the appearance of pores.
  • Niacinamide - Brightens the appearance of skin.


        HOW TO USE?
        • Step 1: AHA Peeling Swab - removes stubborn dead skin cells. After washing face at night, take out the Step 1 Peeling Swap and apply on entire face in a gentle rubbing motion while avoiding the skin around the eyes and mouth, starting from the inner area, working outwards.
        • Step 2: Soothing Mask - soothes and comforts sensitive skin. After 5 minutes, apply the soothing mask to the face without washing it off. Take it off after 10-20 minutes patting it to absorb the remaining essence into the skin
        • Step 3: Whitening Serum - brightens skins. After the skin absorbs the remaining essence of the Step 2 Soothing Mask, apply the Step 3 Whitening Serum on the face.
        Recommended for use 1-2 a week. Use at night. When using it during the day, avoid exposure to sun and apply sunscreen.

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