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Recharging Toner

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Dual functional Whitening·Anti-wrinkle cosmetic toner that tightly holds the moisture that you are easy to miss immediately after washing in order to moisturize the crumbly and dry skin to be moist and smooth feeling. 

Size: 150 ml



The patented mixed plants extract effectively protects the skin and soothes the sensitive skin. It helps improve the skin to be transparent and clear. Diverse extracts help protect the skin in a light, soft and effective way, which becomes rough and dry due to all sorts of dusts and external stress!


  • French Pinus Pinaster Outer Layer Extract - Helps with maintaining the health of skin, which can be overlooked after washing.
  • Lily Magnolia Extract - Presents a strong moisturizing feeling to the dry and parched skin.
  • Deep Ocean Water - Makes transparent and clear skin with moisturizing effect for a long time.


        HOW TO USE?
        • Wipe your face with toner on a cotton pad after washing face
        • Apply it as a soothing facial mask before makeup by generously soaking the toner to a sheet pack or large cotton pad
        • Frequently spray the toner by putting it.
        TIP: Make the skin like porcelain by wetting the face with a makeup sponge sprayed of the toner.