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M I H Y S 35 3-In-1 Milk Oil Moisturizing Body Oil

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(1) It is a multi oil that can be used in three ways as one product.

(2) It can be used as a less sticky body oil and is a dry oil that you can dress immediately after getting a massage as it absorbs quickly and is not sticky. If you are reluctant to feel oily, when you do oil massage without drying yourself with a towel after bathing, you can massage yourself without feeling oily through the white melted oil.

(3) It can be used as a massage oil, and you need to communicate with your children by gently massaging their whole bodies after taking an appropriate amount on your hands.

(4) It can be used as a moisturizing oil, you are allowed to absorb the moisturizing ingredients, which are changed into a milky light, to the skin by taking the appropriate amount of oil with having body wet after taking a bath.

(5) It can be used as easy-to-use bating products, it is an oil that can let you take a bath in the water in which moisturizing ingredients are dissolved after putting it on bath water. You can protect your babies' roughened skin through the daily bubble bath with an oil that you can take a bath in the oil-free and milk-like water where moisturizing ingredients are dissolved when mixing it with the water.

(6) It can be used as a cleansing oil which can wash your babies face without exclusive cleansing products after using sun creams for your babies because it is an oil composed of natural ingredients.