Intense Care Syn-ake Eye Mask (Set of 2)



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Take care of the delicate skin under your eyes with our intense sny-ake hydrogel eye mask. This unique, anti-aging eye mask contains an essence which is designed to re-hydrate, soften, repair, and brighten skin.

Size: 0.35 oz x 2



Formulated with laminaria, collagen and chlorella extract, the mask provides a restorative treatment to rough and tired skin for serious hydration, radiance, and resilience.


  • Laminaria - This algae is packed full of vitamins and minerals which revitalizes skin.
  • Collagen - Supports skin structure and elasticity.
  • Chlorella Extract - Features powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.


      HOW TO USE?
      • After cleansing and toning, gently align masks under each eye.
      • Wear up to 30-40 minutes and discard.
      • Follow with the remaining steps of your skincare routine.

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