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Hypercare Nourishing Cream

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Dual functional Whitening·Anti-wrinkle cosmetic nourishing cream that soothes the skin stressed from a daily life and recovers the elasticity and shine without stickiness. 

Size: 50 ml



Sage leaf extract, which helps soothing the skin, protects the skin damaged by the external environment and recovers the healthy elasticity. The ingredients originated from plants improves the skin, which became dull and dry due to the stress. It makes the skin shine and presents glow to the skin.


  • Sage Leaf Extract - Soothes the rough skin and makes the skin glow.
  • Cacao Seeds Extracts - Add vitality to the tired skin in daily life.
  • Deep Ocean Water - Makes transparent and clear skin with moisturizing effect for a long time.


        HOW TO USE?
        • Apply as your last skin care step, massage and tap the cream gently throughout your face.
        • Gently pat in for extra hydration.