Earth Beauty Sheet Mask



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When dealing with acne or oily skin, a serum-soaked sheet mask may not always be the best remedy, especially if skin is already sensitive to breakouts. Instead, meet our earth beauty mud mask sheet, a no-mess mud mask that allows you to enjoy the detoxifying benefits of a mud mask with all the convenience of sheet masks and without the hassle of sticky, muddy fingers! Simply peel back and place the sheet on your face and after 40 minutes, peel off and rinse away any leftover residue! 

Size: 0.03 oz



With its special and high quality mud clay content from the region of Boreyong in Korea, our mud mask controls skin’s production of sebum to prevent oiliness and pimples from occurring. Also deeply cleanses skin and washes away impurities by mildly peeling dead skin off and leaves skin feeling extra soft and bright.


  • Boreyong Mud - Detoxifies and absorbs impurities from skin
  • Niacinamide - Brightens the appearance of skin.
  • Witch Hazel - Provides natural astringent properties and tightens pores.


        HOW TO USE?
        • Apply mask on clean and towel dried face. Open the pouch, take out the sheet for upper portion of face and remove the transparent film from it. Place the sheet around eyes and nose area. Remove the white film and apply the sheet on face firmly. Apply the rest of the sheet on the lower part around lips.
        • Leave the mask for 40 minutes until it is fully dried. You can do your usual activity meanwhile.
        • Remove the mask starting from ear areas. As you peel off the mask, you should be able to see the dirt and impurities lifted from your pores and attached to the mask. 
        • Wash any mask residue off your face with warm water.

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