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Daily Sunblock

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Triple functional Anti-ultraviolet·Whitening·Anti-wrinkle cosmetic sun block that protects the skin from strong UV for a long time and decreases the oily feelings and white cast phenomenon, so that it has excellent spreadability. 

Size: 50 ml



Since the sunblock is closely contacted to the skin in an even manner with soft and light application, it protects the skin by effectively blocking strong UV rays. Calms the untidy skin before makeup, and helps make the skin texture damaged by UV rays soft and smooth.


  • Moringa Seed Extract - Help to improve the crumbly hair to be smooth.
  • Cauliflower Extracts - Provide vitality to the skin with abundant Vitamin C.
  • Deep Ocean Water - Makes transparent and clear skin with moisturizing effect for a long time.


        HOW TO USE?
        • Apply liberally wherever sun protection is needed and reapply throughout the day for continued sun protection.