Hypercare Plumping Formula (Expires on 12.12.2019) - SkincarePharm
Hypercare Plumping Formula (Expires on 12.12.2019) - SkincarePharm

Hypercare Plumping Formula (Expires on 12.12.2019)

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Functional cosmetics for wrinkle improvement Hypercare plumping formula is a functional total solution for wrinkle improvement, which contains four mixed extracts including SKIN PURE10, SKIN DERMA REJUVEN, BSASM and Lora Anti-S.

SKIN PURE10 - As a plant extract based complex that includes Chrysanthemum, Common Corydalis, Coptis Chinensis, Illicium Verum, Larix Sibirica Extract, Rhubarb, Retinispora Tree Extract, Licorive, Houttuynia Cordata and Sweet Worm-wood, by giving vibrancy and moistness to the skin, it helps give skin that is tired from being exposed to external elements a healthy and clear finish.

SKIN DERMA REJUVEN - The Maca Root, which has rejuvenating powers and is known as the ginseng of South America. Asparagus Lucidus, which protects the skin from various agitations. By combining these three plant based extracts, the layers of the skin that have become dry and risen up are smoothed out by delivering moisture and nutrients.

BSASM - Rosemary, Chamomile, Green Tea, Asiatic Pennywort, Licorice, Asiatic Knotweed and Scutellaria Root, These 7 different plant extracts awaken sensitive skin and help soothe the skin to its natural healthy state.

LORA ANTI-S - Lotus, which grows in muddy water but delivers a graceful glow. Rice, which is a abundant in B Vitamins. Sweet Wormwood, which is abundant with A and C Vitamins. By extracting these familiar plant extracts and protecting skin from damaging everyday elements, this product gives the skin a healthy and glowing finish.



Adenosine content helps improve winkles and gives skin a firmness and also helps the skin have a clean and smooth finish. The roll-on type applicator is easy to use and the ball also functions as a massager to give the skin a firmness while also giving the skin a smooth finish. Because the product contains plant based extracts, the skin takes on a vibrant moistness and improves the skin to have a clear finish.


  • French Pinus Pinaster Outer Layer Extract - Helps with maintaining the health of skin, which can be overlooked after washing face.
  • Larix Sibirica Extract - Helps soothe skin while delivering moisture.
  • Sage Leaf Extract - Helps skin take on a healthy glow while soothing rough skin.


        HOW TO USE?
        • Open and pump the container to check whether any product comes out.
        • Repeat pumping the container when first using product comes out.
        • Massage with fingers along the wrinkle with a light pressure.
        • After massaging, tap with a finger to help the product absorb quickly.
        • Effects can vary depending on skin type so please continue to use product.