Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch (Set of 2)



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Not only is the Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch a great selfie prop, but it does wonders for your lips! After mere minutes of leaving this mask on your lips, they are left soft and hydrated thanks to the pairing of nourishing and hydrating ingredients.



This refreshing mask is filled with a medley of soothing and nourishing ingredients such as Spearmint, Green Tea, Grapefruit, Chamomile, Ginger and Licorice Root Extracts. The serum-packed hydrogel moisturizes, soothes, and plumps your lips, leaving them super soft and smooth.


  • Olive Oil - Moisturizes the skin
  • Spearmint Leaf Extract - Soothes, calms, and refreshes skin
  • Ginger root extract, Chamomile extract, Evening Primrose Oil - Effective anti-inflammatory agents that soothe and calm skin
  • Licorice Root Extract - Brightens the skin
  • Green Tea & Grapefruit Extract - Rich in antioxidants which help to protect the skin from damages of free radicals
     TIP: For continued hydration, try our Kiss Kiss Essence Balm!


    • After cleansing and toning, remove patch from packaging (make sure to peel off the clear liner) and place over lips for 20 minutes.
    • Remove and pat remaining essence in until fully absorbed.

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