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Hypercare Essence

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Dual functional Whitening·Anti-wrinkle cosmetic essence that nourishes the inside of the skin to make the more resilient and moist skin. 

Size: 50 ml



Ingredients found in nature and vitamin C make the skin much brighter with vitality. Lilium Candidum Flower Extract contained in the essence fills vitality and moisture to the skin to cultivate it moisturized and firm. Supplies nutrition from the inside of the skin to reinforce the skin to be much more elastic, and make a healthy skin.


  • Lilium Candidum Flower Extract - Helps soothes the skin by filling moisture in a weak and rough skin.
  • Rose hip Extract - Provides vitality to the tired skin with contents rich in vitamin C.
  • Deep Ocean Water - Makes transparent and clear skin with moisturizing effect for a long time.


        HOW TO USE?
        • After cleansing and toning, dispense onto palm.
        • Pat the essence into skin with your palms and finger tips.