Summer is coming....

So let's talk about a sensitive issue....How many of you have problems sweating in your armpits or even in the bust area in the summer time or when you are nervous do your sweat glands act up?

This is one of my favorite products. It is a secret cotton wipe from Balloon Blanc. The product is 100% cotton. To kill the bacteria on your armpits the wipe has a little bit of alcohol and a cooling effect. In the summer as you sweat bacteria attracts to your skin But with this wipe you have no worries.
Feminine and Sensitive Issue
"Are you conscious of your armpits smelling like sweat? Does it bother you that you have sweat between your chest and the sweat starts to seep into your bra? You have no worries with this secret wipe."
Balloon Blanc Secret Wipe
My honest review
Best Feminine Wipe I've used so far.
This has no scent but definitely will kill any germs on your underarms or even the sweat that fills between your bust area. This will also help get rid of the sweat smell and the sweat on you underarms. After you wipe your underarms or even your chest area with this you will feel fresh and clean. This wipe has alcohol so it kills any bacteria and keeps you dry of moisture and sweat.
I've tried using this!
The cooling effect feels refreshing. I really felt the freshness of this wipe. This wipe made me feel dry of sweat but also I don't like using deodorant because I feel the pores on my underarm pores will be clogged. Also I don't like when the sweat fills my bra but this is the best feminine wipe I have used. This is really good for when you travel it's a small size so it fits right into my pocket or my purse.