Cleansing is the most important aspect of skincare

Larger pores means more impurities are probably embedded in your skin. How do you cleanse your skin?

Hope Girl Jamong Cleansing Balm Grapefruit is a refreshing way to cleanse your skin. This is great for people with dry and sensitive skin. The balm melts smoothly like sherbet and as you rub this into your skin the makeup comes off easily.
Use with Ease
What kind of products do you use to cleanse the skin? Wet cleansing tissues, cleansing foam?
Cleansing foam or wet tissues can be more harmful to the skin because of the harsh movement of rubbing with your hands or even the ingredients in the product might be irritating to the skin.
How to use
Scoop out the product with the spatula and put the product into your palms. Rub the product into your palms with your finger until the product melts and becomes liquid. Then place the liquid onto your skin and rub in circular motions gently to dissolve the makeup.
Product Review
My honest review of this product...
My honest review of this product is superb! I love this product because it melts very nicely but it doesn't drip all over. Also I have sensitive skin and this product is good for people who have sensitive skin. The scent isn't overpowering either and I love the smell of grapefruits! The scent is subtle but is very refreshing and energizes my night exhausted from work. I tend to feel lazy when I get home but this cleansing balm makes me cleanse my skin with excitement. As this product melts my makeup away it melts my stress away.
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