Botanic Twenty Plumping Formula

I have used this product and what I like about this product is that this really helps with getting rid of eye wrinkles. The eye formula isn't too heavy so the formula absorbs quickly and as it absorbs into your skin, the wrinkles start to disappear. If you use this product don't forget to massage your eyes with the roller. The roller cools your skin because it is metal and also it helps when you have puffy eyes.

Are your eyes puffy or baggy? If you have a concern of having bags under your eyes or wrinkle around your eyes this is the perfect match for you to use. The metal rollers massage your eyes when you apply the product on your eyes. The metal rollers keep cold because they are metal and this helps your eyes to puff down and soothe your eyes from being swollen.

How to use: press the pump behind the metal rollers until the product is seeping out of the metal rollers. Apply on around the eye area and roll it around until the product as absorbed into your skin.

Use it daily day and night. 

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